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Patek Philippe is currently in the production of mechanical watches whether female or male watch

Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe), the first people think of is reverence, high-end, luxury, heritage, precision, technology, etc., there is a very successful Patek Philippe advertising “no one can have Patek Philippe, but for the next generation of custody only” The It is said that in the Patek Philippe customers have more than 100 kings, more than 50 queen, which can be seen Patek Philippe’s high-end luxury status. So high-end watch brand, for the purchase of Patek Philippe you must know how to identify patek philippe true and false. Then patek philippe Geneve watch how to identify the authenticity of the following watch home to tell you!
patek philippe Geneve how to identify the authenticity of the watch?
First, look at the movement, Patek Philippe is currently in the production of mechanical watches, whether female or male watch, automatic or manual, more than 95% are through the bottom of the design, the current Patek Philippe main use of mechanical movement has 215,315,324,240, 16-250,25-21,27-525,28-20,28-520,29-535 (some have been discontinued), according to the bottom of the back cover to see whether these are the movement (with a magnifying glass can clearly see engraved In the movement on the movement of the model and the movement number), of course, the premise is that these movements must be more understanding of the way, or even through the bottom, but also difficult to distinguish the movement, which need to see more, the accumulation of more Experience can be properly identified. Patek Philippe quartz watch only for the production of women Cartier love bracelet replica , and completely bottomless, so the difficulty of identification will be higher than the mechanical watch, but Patek Philippe’s production process is false or imitation table is with the can not match, so you can through the appearance of the production process , Such as grinding of metal straps, polishing of cases, etc. to identify.
Second, according to the appearance of the watch, almost all of the Patek Philippe, in the watch on the back cover will not have any brand logo or model, in addition to a limited number of limited watch in the back of the word, the remaining 99% There will not be any text with logo. In addition, Patek Philippe has always been known for low-key, so watch the watch almost can not see the brand logo, the current production of only 5180 / 1G, 4937,7180 these three models can see the brand logo in front of the watch.
Third, Patek Philippe from the production of tourbillon watch began, never tourbillon device exposed to the dial, the first is the low-key brand spirit, followed by the benefits from the Tourbillon device. We know that Tourbillon (Tourbillon) device by the watchmaker: Abraham. Louis. Breguet in 1795 invented, in layman’s terms is to offset the gravity of the watch on the impact of the invention of a tone Speed device, Patek Philippe Tourbillon is very sophisticated, from 72 small parts hand-made to complete the total weight of not more than 0.2 grams, even more than a velvet feathers lighter. Tourbillon exposed some drawbacks, first of all, the tourbillon is a precision instrument, the internal oil, if exposed, often received sunlight, will make the oil too fast volatile, so that the impact of travel time, then lost the Tuo Flywheel the most primitive meaning. If you find the Cartier love ring replica Tourbillon bare outside the watch, you can determine 100% is not Patek Philippe watch.
Fourth, part of the imitation is Patek Philippe’s famous models, such as 5970, with 30 minutes and calendar function, close to 12 o’clock position of the small window, respectively, shows the week and the month, some false watch manufacturers, Which shows the window of the week to show the window of the year, see more of the show is 2012. I have seen the Patek Philippe, can only show the year to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Patek Philippe produced, the world’s most complex portable clock Caliber 89 has a secondary function, showing that those who do not have the counterfeiters of Patek Philippe To understanding.
Fifth, the early Patek Philippe style are almost all through the bottom of the design, there will be some difficulty in the identification, but you can refer to the above two. Even the old models of Patek Philippe, in the back of the watch will not have any text, brand logo, chassis number. If necessary, you can send the old watch to Patek Philippe official authorized service center, opened by the technician back cover, inside the back cover can see the watch model and the shell number.
Sixth, watch certificate. Each Patek Philippe watch has a corresponding certificate, also known as the security card. In the certificate printed on the watch model, the number of mobile phone number, movement models; these Cartier nail bracelet replica three numbers can be found on the watch, watch models engraved on the inside of the back cover, the need for professional Patek Philippe technicians punch The back cover can be seen, the movement engraved on the movement of the splint, if it is through the bottom of the back cover is able to see directly, the same shell in the back cover, the movement of the model in the movement of the plywood turn up. In the purchase of Patek Philippe, by the table on the spot signature, write the date of purchase, so that the certificate is considered a formal entry into force, if the purchase of the certificate with no, it can be 100% sure is false form.
Seventh, Patek Philippe most of the watch with five kinds of materials: gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum, steel. Patek Philippe only for only watch charity auction activities in the production of titanium metal watch, if found ceramic, carbon fiber and other materials produced by the watch, can also be identified as a fake Patek Philippe.

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The development of mechanical watches has gone through a hundred years of history

The development of mechanical watches has gone through a hundred years of history. Up to now, the mechanical watch structure can be described as very sophisticated. Today, watch home for everyone to introduce the internal structure of automatic mechanical watch it!
First, classification
Mechanical watch (mechanical watch) can usually be divided into the following two: hand chain and automatic winding watch (AUTOMATIC) two. The power of these two machines are driven by the movement within the main force, driven gear and then promote the needle, but the power source in different ways. Hand winding of the mechanical watch is to rely on hand for power, the thickness of the movement than the general automatic winding of the thinner, relatively Cartier love jewelry replica speaking, the weight of the watch light. And automatically on the chain of watches, is the use of automatic movement of the rotating disk around the power to drive the winding, but relatively speaking, the thickness of the watch than the hand of the larger table.
Automatic mechanical watch internal structure
Second, the structure
Watch gears
The gear transmission system of the watch, especially the main drive train, is widely used as a so-called circular tooth profile. This tooth is the wiring tooth from the evolution, due to pure cycloid tooth processing is difficult, so use the arc instead of cycloid, also known as the correction cycloid tooth, can make the teeth of the minimum number of teeth 6, So that the number of teeth in the number of teeth under the conditions can not get a large transmission ratio, which reduces the diameter of the movement, the high-frequency watches are extremely beneficial. Transmission efficiency is relatively high, generally can reach 95%. As the watch movement size is small, barrel wheel components stored by the energy is not large, if the energy loss is too large, will directly affect the watch’s travel time quality. The sensitivity of the processing error. Such as tooth error and center distance error, will cause changes in meshing characteristics. Since the teeth are determined by a pair of meshing gears and modulus, the number of teeth and the modulus is different, and the hobs and cutters used are not the same.
Automatic mechanical watch internal structure
The composition is very simple, the Swiss watch parts are relatively small, mainly by the escapement wheel, escapement fork parts (including escapement fork, into the tile, tile, fork nails, fork shaft), double disc parts (double disc, round Disk nails) and the nail on the main splint. But some watches do not use the limit nails, but directly in the main splint or fork splint milling two bosses to limit. Also some of the escapement fork on the protruding piece of a nail, inserted into a hole on the main splint, the hole two walls limit. This escapement is called forked tile capture mechanism, which is divided into two kinds of straight and side fork type. The former is the escapement axle hole, escapement fork shaft hole, pendulum shaft hole in a line; the latter is the three holes of the line has a certain angle. Although the two forms are not the same, but its composition and working principle is the same. Mainly used in the senior watch.
Balance wheel
The balance is the part that produces the stable vibration frequency. These two parts through the transmission wheel train, escapement mechanism organically linked to form the backbone of the watch movement. The vibration of the balance spring component consumes a certain amount Cartier love necklace replica of energy, and this energy supplement is supplied by the original movement. The supply of more than the balance wheel swing components swing large; the other hand, the supply of energy is small, the balance wheel swing wire components swing angle is small, that swing small. If the supplied energy is always kept constant, the swing angle of the balance spring component does not change, ie the swivel does not change. It is impossible to actually supply energy. Because the mechanical watch above the tight supply of the main driving force.With the winding of the moment will be more and more small, of course, the supply of energy correspondingly smaller. In addition, the energy passes through the transmission system and the escapement mechanism, and the meshing characteristics of the transmission gear transmission, the operating characteristics of the escapement, the efficiency of the transmission, the efficiency of the escapement and so on are constantly changing so that the wheel The internal swing is not the same, if the swing meter or swing recorder measurement, the value shown is constantly fluctuating, generally take a certain period of time the maximum value of the minimum value of the period of time that the swing The
Casio Casio electronic watch powerful, beautiful fashion, low prices. Is one of the favorite watch brands. But Casio Casio electronic watch how to adjust the time has always been a problem. The following watch the old home to tell you Casio Casio how to adjust the time it!
Casio Casio how to adjust the time?
In the time mode: (digital time) 1. Hold down the left does not move for about three seconds, the watch shows TYO flashing, press the upper right is BJS or BKG. 2. Press the left and right key daylight saving time DST off state, then press the lower left key if 12H press the right button to become 24H. Press the left button to switch a function once, until the confirmation time and date is correct, if there is an incorrect right by 2 key addition and Cartier bracelet replica subtraction. (The upper right is minus, the lower right is plus) tune up by pressing the left button to exit.
In the time mode: (pointer time) 1. Press the lower right does not move, there 5ub release 2. Look at the little pointer is not pointing to 50 (do not press the right under the next click down) 3. Press the lower left, Do not turn down the lower right, turn on the release) 4. At that time the needle and the minute hand at the same time to 12 o’clock direction, press the right lower stop (if over or less press the right or next click plus or minus) At the same time go to 12 o’clock position, press the left to exit.


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Watches in the daily use must be good maintenance if the maintenance will lead to poor timing of the watch

Watches in the daily use must be good maintenance, if the maintenance will lead to poor timing of the watch, serious will lead to damage to the watch. Then GuyLaroche Ji Long snow watch how to maintain it? Take a look at the following watch home introduction.GuyLaroche Ji Long snow watch how maintenanceMaintenance GuyLaroche Ji Long Snow Metal Watch:GuyLaroche Ji Long snow watch how maintenance    1. Metal watch for a long time will be due to oxidation and discoloration, in addition to the master to deal with, but also can use toothbrush wipe, the effect will make you satisfied.    2. In the jewelry table, the consumer in addition to the diamond should pay attention to whether there are signs of loose, you can also use a toothbrush dip salad cleaning dirty parts of diamonds, and jelly medicine is also a good Replica Cartier jewelry way to soak.    3. In the process of cleaning up, no matter how careful, there will still be seepage, if the cleaning of the strap and let the table body water may be worth the candle, or love the table by the master order it.    4. Metal strap if wet (water, perspiration, etc.) and not easy to rust. Metal rust or dirt easily seep from the seams stained clothing, and even cause skin allergies, so remove the table or water after washing, please remember to use the cloth to dry and then wear the joints.    5. Although the metal material is hard, but suffered impact or improper touch is likely to cause scratches, in addition to life in the traffic exhaust, pool chlorine or human sweat and so will make metal table color. Keep the watch dry and be careful to wear.Maintenance GuyLaroche Ji Long snow belt watch:GuyLaroche Ji Long snow watch how maintenance    1. The most taboo is the water, can not be immersed in water for a long time, the water will lead to hardening and brittle belt, which also includes people sweat. So do not wear a belt table to go swimming, hot bath, sauna.    2. Long-term strong sunlight, will make the belt table decolorization, accelerate the aging of the cortex, it can not be placed under the sun long-term exposure.    3. Do not wear a belt in the table when the pull, in the regular position of the strap is also prone to cracks, the greater the more difficult to break the strap, so wear the watch should also be careful to exercise some more.Many watch collectors have a common problem, that is, so many expensive watches how to properly maintain. These expensive watches worth a lot of money, if the daily maintenance of improper and there is a fault is indeed a troublesome problem. The following watch family summed up a few valuable watches maintenance tips, hope but can help you.How should the expensive watch be properly maintainedDaily maintenance    First, watch the problem of sealing.    Most watches are marked as waterproof, such as 30M, 50M, 100M and so on. There is a part that is not waterproof. Although it is marked as a waterproof watch, but absolutely can not wear to wash the sauna and hot bath, because the pad after the cold shrink, hot air into the sealed capsule, can not come out, causing the mist is not treated in time, causing corrosion, Rust, so the watch can only be worn under normal circumstances. In fact, the watch waterproof mainly rely on a small number of rubber ring work, a long time rubber ring will be aging, loss of elasticity after the gap, it may lead to water, intake, so to regularly replace the sealed rubber ring to ensure that the watch waterproof.How should the expensive watch be properly maintained    Second, the mechanical operation of the problem.    Watches are generally mechanical watches, mechanical watches are dependent on the gear operation, the watch will indicate how many drill watches, the number of drilling imitation Cartier love bracelet is not that the number of diamonds watch, but how many gears watch the shaft is the use of drilling , Generally with artificial diamonds instead, due to man-made diamonds wear, so the more drill the table, the watch relative to the longer life expectancy. But the gear of the watch can not be processed with such a hard material, such as diamonds, it can only be used as a wheel axle, watch the smaller the book, the smaller the axle, tens of thousands of revolutions every day completely rely on the drill inside the trace Oil to reduce the wear and tear, once the oil dry, the shaft is dry wear, a few years down, the life of the table will be to.How should the expensive watch be properly maintained    Third, the appearance of maintenance.    Watches the appearance of the general use of K gold, K platinum, advanced animal leather. K gold Although the main raw material is gold, but the hand of the sweat is acidic with the corrosion of the air, the time is far from the new time is not beautiful, which requires regular cleaning and polishing, so that watches remain fresh. If it is K platinum, a long time outside the silver layer of wear and tear, which exposed gold, there is no white before, so also need regular maintenance white, in order to maintain long and new. Leather strap even more to say, perspiration corrosion will make the belt premature hardening cracking, normal maintenance should avoid sweating and rainy days wearing a belt table. If the watch is made of steel shell, often polished renovation, better reflect its value.Professional maintenance    As a luxury watch, it is recommended in addition to daily maintenance, but also regular professional maintenance. In general, mechanical watches are used in the normal use of 2-3 years in need of maintenance, cleaning oil, detection and tuning. Quartz watch every two years to change the battery, maintenance movement.How should the expensive watch be properly maintained    Watch the price of maintenance are all by the watch repair center technician after the test given, do not think the price is unreasonable, in fact, a lot of different structures of the decision, different brands of watch movement maintenance is also different. General in the high-end watch movement maintenance from 300-3000 range, the time is generally a working day, of course, do not rule out some watches to return to the original to repair. Quartz watch maintenance price in the 3-500 yuan.Professional maintenance generally includes:    Disassemble the watch and check all parts    Clean and replace the necessary basic movement parts    Oil up and adjust    Replace the crown when necessary    Replace the bezel connection    Replace the table back connector    Conventional quality inspectionHow should the expensive watch be properly maintainedIndividual luxury brand watches professional maintenance recommended time    Patek Philippe: customers in the watch every 3 to 5 years to use cleaning and refueling. Simple function watch maintenance threshold of about 6,000 yuan, the price does not include the strap polishing costs, the latter need more than 1,000 yuan.    Cartier: it is recommended every 5 years to Cartier after-sales service center to check a watch, maintenance with movement cleaning, waterproof apron replacement. Leather strap products for 3,000 yuan, metal strap products due to renovation and renovation costs will be higher.    Rolex: the proposed 4 years or so to carry out a maintenance, maintenance costs depending on the style of collection, the price is about 1000 to 3000 yuan range, the main service content is cleaning movement.    Omega: customers in the purchase of watches generally enjoy a 2-year warranty. Period of maintenance is usually every 4 to 5 years. Customers are advised to take 1 or half a year to take a test. But for the maintenance of the offer, the other insisted on the need to be tested after the price, theoretically maintenance costs and watches a certain percentage of the price.

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Automatic winding movement of the watch the energy from the wearer’s arm movement

Watch how to do water?      Method one: do not care inside the case of water, and can be used as a silicone material called granules and water has been put together into a closed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, the water that all disappeared. This method is simple and economical, the accuracy and life of the table without any damage. Silica gel has been repeatedly water can be dried at 120 ℃ for several hours, water absorption capacity can be recycled, but also repeated use.      Method 2: If the water is not serious, but the table glass with layer of mist, then you can use several layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel table will be strict, in the 40-watt light bulb 15 cm bake about 30 minutes, you can Eliminate water vapor. Should avoid the table directly close to the fire directly baking, so as not to make the table heat deformation. But also the table in Mongolia, the bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send the table shop oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid rusting parts.      Method three: the table in Mongolia, the bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send the table shop oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid rusting parts.Special note is that if the electronic watch water, and should be promptly removed electrons. Whether it is mechanical watch or electronic form, if the water is serious, should be timely repair.Plum mechanical watch to stop do not go how to do? Plum mechanical watch bump, movement gear dislocation, the watch by the magnetic situation will appear do not move, mechanical watch imitation Bvlgari bracelet movement should be at the same time every day winding time, so watch the next 24 hours Enough energy to work. Normal wear case without manual winding, which to extend the life of the watch and maintain a good movement state is very helpful.Automatic winding movement of the watch, the energy from the wearer’s arm movement, so the normal wear without manual winding, only because the wearer’s exercise is not enough to give the clock to add enough energy, you can use manual winding method Make up, and the crown when the crown rotation control within 20 laps.If the mechanical table does not go because the lack of kinetic energy is not enough, that is, mechanical watch failure, and need to be sent to the professional maintenance staff that to repair. Remember not to talk about mechanical watches apart.To prevent moisture from penetrating the case and keeping the watch waterproof, make sure that the crown is in a locked condition.Mechanical watch use Note:1, in the evening 10:00 to 2:00 between the ban on the transfer time.2, after the adjustment of the watch must be pushed back to the end of the head.3, in accordance with national standards, mechanical watches (including mechanical automatic watches) travel time error should be controlled within 45 seconds.Longines watch style, superior quality, travel time accurate. So many consumers will buy Longines watches when buying watches. When we start a Longines mechanical watch. Maintenance work must be done! Longines Replica Bvlgari jewelry mechanical watch how to maintain the following watch the house to tell you!Longines mechanical watch how to maintain, maintenance ten secret1. Dai Longqin mechanical watch, the hands of the sweat on the case of corrosive, all steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case is copper, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, Should often use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or pad on the plastic table care, to prevent it from being sweat erosion.2. Do not open the table back cover, so that dust into the movement affect the normal work of the watch.3. Do not put the watch in the closet with mothballs, so as to avoid surface oil deterioration.4. Do not put the Longines mechanical watch on the amplifier, audio, TV, so as not to magnetize.5.) long-term storage does not wear watches, should be a regular monthly winding, automatic movement of the watch should gently swing back and forth for a few minutes or worn on the wrist for some time to automatically tighten the winding. So that parts will not be long-term in a quiescent state to ensure the performance of the table machine.6. Longines mechanical watch by the tide, available dry cotton pressure on the watch, and then 40-watt light bulb baking 5 minutes, the surface of the moisture can be all evaporated. If the quartz electronic watch by the tide, take a number of small pieces of calcium chloride, wrapped with gauze; and then open the electronic watch cover, the package of calcium chloride and electronic form together into a leakless plastic bags or glass Bottle, sealed. Generally about 3 hours to remove the tide, so that the electronic watch back to normal. For severe dampness of the table may be appropriate to extend the moisture absorption time.7. Received a beloved Longines mechanical watch, remove the outside packaging, be sure to save the protective watch used in the box. The protection of the watch box, can usually wear the watch when the most secure protection, to avoid the watch was broken or collided, so the box is absolutely necessary to retain, and it is recommended in the weekdays do not wear a watch, Develop habits into the box, you can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the watch.8. It is best not to wear the same watch every day, should be prepared to use several different watches alternately, in addition to enrich the personal shape, but also to avoid dust, body care all concentrated in the same watch. For the leather strap, but also to be careful care, so as to avoid the daily use of the strap caused by regular wear and tear, then even if the new surface, the watch will look very old.9. Longines mechanical watch on the wrist to sleep, if the watch is luminous table, it will bring adverse effects to the body. This is because the luminous table pointer and dial on the coated luminescent material, mainly radium and zinc sulfide mixture, radium emission of radiation can stimulate the zinc sulfide crystal light, sleep, if wearing a table, the body will be eight to Nine hours of radium radiation, the human body has a certain harm. Therefore, before going to bed, it is best to remove the luminous table, put on the table.10. Longines mechanical watch table turned over. Watches have been delineated after a lot of Road, you can first drop in the table first drop of two drops of water, and then squeeze a little toothpaste rubbed, you can remove the pattern to make the table as new.

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Jewelry brand Bulgari ring replica invite you to appreciate the beauty of stunning

Love is the eternal theme of jewelry. Movie “my best friend’s wedding”, the goddess Shu Qi embarked on a jeweled brave chase love journey. In the film, when Gu Jia (Shu Qi decorated) in the face of a Bulgari Bridal series of fake bvlgari ring white gold to marry when it is the film plot to a climax. In the “Paris holiday” “single men and women 2”, the lovers sparked between the spark, the copy bvlgari b zero1 black ceramic ring hidden love promised interpretation of the most vividly.

Rare jewelry is expensive, often used as an important props in the film, open a thrilling story line. “Flash Lingxia”, the value of millions of Bulgari bracelet and the top ruby ​​diamond necklace stolen; “my superman ex-girlfriend”, the beginning is robbery Bulgari shop plot; and “Mission Impossible 2” , The heroine steal the jewelry is also Bulgari.

Commitment to love the journey, happy bride in the day of marriage, fun and laugh, indulge in dance, blooming like a jewely dazzling love of joy. Lovers handle, love promise “only you and I will.”

When you also meet “love”, what would you choose to commemorate this journey? Choose love, choose to be loved, choose this life love – this freedom and the choice of the achievements of today’s celebration. This choice copy bvlgari ring rose gold the throbbing beautiful and unique, just as Bvlgari’s gems are in general. The dazzling imitation bvlgari rings on sale symbolizes the fulfillment of life and the everlasting beginning. Replica bvlgari men ring every section has witnessed the love of their loved ones, every precious jewelry in the whisper: we get married!