In 1983, in the beautiful city of Venice, Venice, was born the first pair of POLICE brand of sunglasses. Followed by the implementation of fashion, temperament, the theme of the trend, POLICE launched a series of watches, accessories, fashion leather goods and other products. Experience more than 20 years of development, established as an international “career fashion” brand, swept the world more than 70 countries and regions, of which the watchReplica Cartier jewelry series is the most prominent.
POLICE brand attention to the details of product design, financial sense of touch to the wild color combination and Huaguang radiance of the mark, with the unique “COOL & SEXY” style, interpretation of Italy’s career style and energy for the global initiative, Independent and creative, full of personality and do not keep the practice of young people to follow and push the weight of the world as a major leader in the trend of the brand.
So far POLICE watch with its unexpected color with the people watching the decoration elements, continue to impress the hearts of fashion city people. Active watch models can release the POLICE unique share of the conceited and elegant. All in all, each model in the fashion circle has its own identity, but also contains the inherent POLICE full of energy, power of personality. Extreme strange brain creativity, POLICE police watch will give you an unexpected time experience.
POLICE watch how, User rating
Comments: POLICE is Italy’s 25-year history of the brand, the earliest known to glasses, has now formed a pair of glasses, watches, jewelry, leather goods, perfume, clothes and other series, is a “lifestyle” brand. Mainly embodies the “cool” and “sexy” style, the brand spokesperson is famous Cartier love ring replica , from George. Clooney, Bruce Willis, to Beckham and Antonio. Banderas, are “very men” star.
Comments 2: just fine, I wore a long time. Foreigners watch the general quality is very good, a price of a cargo
Comments three: not bad yo ~ Beckham endorsement, but some of the table, although the good but heavy point to wear up will be tired ~
Comments 4: This brand he used to be the main clothes, and later developed a different product, there are glasses and watches. So this brand of watches it is very fashionable. A good sense of design.
Comments 5: ok ok, if you remember good, it should be Italy, but mainly consumer brands, the price should not be expensive, and grace is Italy, my mother came back to buy my Hong Kong only, 2000 More money
Comments six: looks pretty good or pretty ah
POLICE watches offer
POLICE watch the price from 1200-2300 yuan or so. Among them, the most popular watch the basic price of 1400 yuan or so.
How is the watch? What about Ebel watches?
Yubao brand profile
Yubao table was born in the legendary history of the clock kingdom – Switzerland’s Shadai town (La-Chaux-de-Founds). Here is located in the heart of Switzerland, is the world’s top watchmakers gathered in the place, known as “watch the capital” reputation. In 1911, Eugene Bloom and Alice couple created the Ebel watch factory here. In the next three years, Yubao watch factory with its excellent watchmaking technology and perfect design, in the 20th century, Switzerland, the first national exhibition in the gold medal.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Europe, full of vigorous new atmosphere, the rise of bustling cities, the development of exquisite culture and art, trade, technology, life and comfortable. Many of the creation of the century in this period, the Swiss Ebel Ebel table is born in such a thriving era.
In 1911 Alice and EugeneBlum couple created Ebel Ebel Watch Factory in LaChaux-de-Fonds, the core of Swiss watchmaking. Excellence in technology and design, fully demonstrated the art, function, value of the perfect combination of the three, Ebel Ebel watches the legendary history was born. Perfect body can always inspire designers endless inspiration, especially in the modern architectural art exposed. Legendary architects LeCorbusier one of theCartier juste un clou bracelet replica most important works – Villa Villa (VillaTurque), is the spirit of Ebel Ebel symbol, but also Yubao public relations center. In the famous interior designer Andrew. Putman (Andr # 39; eePutman) under the command of the refurbishment, has been restored past gorgeous radiance. Here, the new ideas and creative birth, great spirit of the times immortal – as Ebel Ebel top watchmakers lead us to the real, perfection, the realm of beauty.
In 1914, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Berne National Exhibition in Switzerland.
In 1925 won the Paris ExpositionDesArtsDecoratifs Award.
1933 Ebel Ebel table became the first manufacturer to use Vibrograph, let the watch movement vibrate the law.
1955 published “Caliber96” – the world’s thinnest watch movement (1.7 mm, 14K gold).
1961 by the Swiss national exhibition of “time jewelery” first prize.
1968 Ebel Ebel watches a new lubrication method used to increase the stability and accuracy of the movement.
1977 published “SportClassic” Ebel Ebel watches only Monocoque case with wave type belt.
In the 1980s, Ebel Eau watches sponsor sports competitions – tennis: DavisCup, Monte Carloo, BorisBecker, AndreAgassi and other players. Golf: RyderCup, EbelEuropeanMastersCrans-Montana, PayneStewart, SandLyle.
In 1989 the first published “Voyager”, the first can display 24 time zone table.
1995 for the first time published “LeModulor” series, as Ebel Ebel watches own research and development certificate of the automatic Chronograph table.
How to look at how rubbish watches, users evaluation
Comments 1: Unparalleled vitality and the creation of exquisite and reliable watch the talent, naturally attracted attention and appreciation. As early as 1914, Ebel watches in the Swiss at the National Watch Fair, with a leveraged escapement system and hidden time set the function of the patented design of the ring, and won the gold medal. In addition, the high-quality jewelry watch design of Ebel watches was awarded the “Diplome Commemoratif de Grand Prix” at the International Art Deco Exhibition in Paris in 1924.
Yubao table from the beginning of the brand, which is complementary to each other’s talent and interest for the brand on behalf of the spirit of the enterprise laid the foundation. Eugene handles the technical aspects of brand development, focusing on every production step that meets the requirements of accuracy, professionalism and quality. Alice is focused on the aesthetic value of Ebel watches, adhere to the use of gentle and elegant, but bold and outstanding appearance design. Since then, Yubao table accurate and reliable perfect technical performance, through every fine fine delicate taste and conveyed.
Comments 2: Ebel and Omega is the same level table, the problem is the yield is not Ou Da Da, say it only focus on sales in Europe and America, so in China’s fame is not Omega loud. If you are using their own words, I personally think or buy a piece of jade as well. Omega in the Chinese market fake and so on, worn in the hands of others do not necessarily know true and false also. Yubao know few people, at present I have not found fake. Also to buy to buy a mechanical watch, do not buy electronic form. Because electronic parts are years, it is much shorter than the mechanical life, there are collections of value, the time can also be used as a heirloom to future generations also.
Comments three: I use the quality of jade is a good brand good personality I am very strong personality.
Comments 4: This brand is very small minority of the brand, very few people know that Brand can also be it